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Salaried Employee Borrower (PAYG)

Brighten template Employment Income Verification Form (signed by employer)

3 months bank statements (within 45 days of assessment)

Additional income supporting documents will be useful, for example:

Rental income: lease agreement or 3 months proof of rental income received. (Accepting rental income outside Australia, including China.)

Investment income: 12 months investment fund or share portfolio statements and dividends received. (Accepting investment income outside Australia, including China.)


Identification (for Non-resident)

1. Certified copy of Passport, AND
2. Certified copy of ID card.

Personal Credit Report from the country of residence

Brighten Home Loan borrower

Evidence of funds – available to complete the purchase (if not yet settled)

Evidence of security

1. Copy of Contract of Sale for purchase; OR
2. Copy of Title, if property is being refinanced (and 6 months mortgage statements), or if property is being secured for equity release.

OR, Brighten Easy Builder borrower

Evidence of funds – available to complete the land purchase and construction contract

Evidence of security

1. Copy of Contract of Sale for purchase of land and Fixed Price Building Contract; AND
2. Copy of the stamped Council Approved Plans and Builders All Risk Insurance Policy.

How We Work with You

Our experienced, multilingual team are available when you need them to help you navigate your home loan journey.
Here’s how our expert lending specialists will guide you through our step-by-step process.

Submit Your Application
We process your application and supporting documents, and issue you with a complimentary conditional written approval within 48 hours.
Valuation & Income Verification
We will begin our valuation and income verification process after Application Fee and Valuation Fee are settled.
Documents Signing
We will issue you the formal loan approval, then we will forward you all the necessary documents you need to sign.
We finalise your settlement, and your loan is released to you. Congratulations!

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