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Non-bank appoints inaugural head of distribution

Publication Date: Wednesday, 8 April 2020
This article originally appeared in The Adviser

Non-bank lender Brighten Home Loans has announced the appointment of Natalie Sheehan to the newly created role of head of distribution, effective from 6 April.

Ms Sheehan, who has over 30 years of experience in the finance and lending industry, and has held a number of managerial and distribution positions in the past, will reportedly oversee the upcoming expansion of Brighten’s broker and aggregator networks.

Ms Sheehan joins Brighten from specialist lender Resicom Financial, where she held the role of general manager.

Previous to this, Ms Sheehan held a number of executive or managerial roles in the industry, including chief operating officer and head of distribution at Better Choice Home Loans, senior business development manager at Resimac and regional manager at Pepper.

She is also an MFAA and FBAA accredited mentor under the More than Mentoring program.

Brighten Home Loans managing director Scott Kelly welcomed Ms Sheehan to the company, noting how her experience in the industry will be utilised for growth.

“As we rapidly scale up our business in response to strong growth, Natalie’s knowledge, experience and networks will enable her to make a major contribution,” he said.

“In particular, Natalie will spearhead our expansion into the prime and near-prime loan segments, drawing on our ability to provide brokers with a streamlined product offering, a simple and competitive pricing structure, and a superior service proposition assisted through our enhanced technology platform.”

Mr Kelly stated that the company values long-term partnership, and that the Brighten team “strives to become a reliable and credible partner” to brokers.

“We believe we can not only deliver great lending products for their clients, but also help them grow other parts of their business,” he said.

“This is a significant point of difference for us, and I believe Natalie’s extensive mentoring experiences will be of great value as we continue to actively invest into the expansion of our broker and aggregator networks.”

“We also expect to make an announcement regarding aggregator partnerships in coming weeks that will further expand our distribution networks,” Mr Kelly concluded.

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Their ability to work with clients with such high customer service level and fast processing speed is incredible.


I have been working with my BDM, Mikai Ning, for two years. Since meeting her, she has continued to impress me with her professionalism, her efficiency, and her patience to listen and explaining all information. Even during pregnancy period, she even said to me personally that if there is anything I require, that Mikai is still contactable and will get back to me as soon as she can. Her attitude is always super nice and is highly passionate about what she does. I have been in this field for so many years and she is the best BDM I have worked with.

Lulu, Accredited Broker

Great review for Mikai Ning. Not only is she highly passionate, but she is also very hard working and highly detail oriented in her work. No matter what time of the day, or day of week, she will always get back to us. We highly appreciate Mikai and Brighten for their hard work and ongoing support.

Fan, Accredited Broker

Brighten’s BDM, Liwen, has left a very impressive impression. Whether it is policy or product, she can solve and fix any problem, big or small, she is always reaching out and supporting us. From the beginning, It has been great to work with Brighten’s vastly experience team and great products. I always recommend Brighten to all my clients.

Jinkai, Accredited Broker

Mikai is a very passionate and proactive person. Our work with Mikai has is nothing but positive outcomes and we look forward to continuing working Brighten and Mikai.

Alan, Accredited Broker

My BDM Leo Liu has been a great help in assisting me setting up the referral program and educating in terms of products and knowledge. I look forward to the greater relationship with Brighten Home Loan and Leo Liu.

Anthony, Accredited Broker

Mikai is our BDM and she is a very detail oriented with great work ethic and speed. If there is a policy update, she will always try and get in touch with us as soon as possible to ensure that we received and understand the relevant changes so that we can better accommodate our clients. Thank you for your ongoing support to us brokers.

Terry, Accredited Broker

It has been very convenient with the interest rates being lower also. Brighten home loan was able to solve so many problems for overseas clients. Big thanks to BDM Mikai for all her support.

Yuhui, Accredited Broker

I need to thank my BDM Liwen Liu. She has been very responsible since the beginning. She is always patient with my home loan scenario enquires. She always tries to do best for the clients. Liwen is very professional, always gives good advice to brokers. She is an excellent BDM. Thank you.

Jakie, Accredited Broker

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