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Non-resident Construction Loan with One Form of Income Documentation


Self-employed from Vietnam



Loan Amount




Property Type

House & Land Construction (Investment)


Mr N, a self-employed businessman from Vietnam, is exploring opportunities to grow his investments by buying land and building a house in Melbourne. However, Mr N is unable to provide full financial documentation as it is not readily available, and all his income supporting documents originate from Vietnam. Mr N is determined to find ways to handle the construction process for his investment.

How did Brighten help?

With Brighten Easy Builder® Non-res, Mr N supplied an accountant letter, signed by an overseas qualified accountant, as a form of income documentation to validate his self-employed income.

Mr N was also pleased to learn that after construction is complete, his loan will revert to the Brighten Evergreen home loan product, allowing him to enjoy a more competitive interest rate.

Fees, charges, lending criteria applies.

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